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    Comte Audoin De Dampierre

    Count de Dampierre is an eccentric aristocrat whose passion for producing exceptional Champagne is only matched by his enthusiasm for his vintage car collection. An exceptional man himself, he does not produce Champagne Ordinaire for Jean Ordinaire, but luxury Champagne for those who can afford it.

    In his constant quest for quality, he utilises only Grand Cru and Premier Cru grapes; producing a range of cuvèes, including his Cuvèe des Ambassadeurs Premier Cru which is served at 42 embassies around the world, as well at receptions for the occasional king and queen, president and prime minister!

    Who needs brand managers when one has a clientele like that!

    With an aristocratic disdain for the new-fangled, he is one of the very few producers to continue the art of ficelage, and his Family Reserve Grand Cru and the Cuvèe de Prestige Grand Cru both have a cork which is ficelè a l`anciènne(hand-tied to the bottle with twine). These cuvèes are both supplied with a pair of gold plated scissors!

    In spite of the sheer luxury of his cuvèes my clientele will still be able to enjoy them at affordable prices as they can be bought direct from Champagne Lady, the Count's exclusive New Zealand Agent.