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    Over the last 20 years, “Champagne Lady”, otherwise known as Anne Batley Burton, has been importing Champagne and French wines and selling direct to her corporate and private clients, trading as Regency Imports Ltd.

    In 2007 Champagne Lady was honoured by being made a "Dame de l'Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne" - Dame of Champagne . This was a spectacular occasion where she was inducted with great ceremony at the Palais de Tau next to the famous Reims Cathedral in Champagne.

    Although Regency Imports Ltd was one of the first importers to hold a Licence to sell direct to the public as well as to Trade, “Champagne Lady” has preferred to sell direct rather than opening a retail store, thereby creating substantial savings for her customers.

    Champagne Jacquart has always been her most popular and longstanding brand continually delivering  quality Champagne which appeals to a wide range of palates. Affordable and excellent value for money, this Champagne has for many years been the Champagne served at the famous Ascot Races as well as at many other important sporting events such as The French Open.

    Champagne Ritz is produced by Jacquart for the prestigious and world famous Ritz Hotels at Place Vendome and Piccadilly, London. Champagne Lady is honoured to be allocated a small quantity for her more discerning clientele!

    Champagne Comte Audoin de Dampierre is her luxury brand, specialising in Grand Cru Blanc des Blancs Vintage utilising the “ art de ficelage” where the old technique of hand-tying the cork onto the bottle with waxed twine. Absolutely stunning in taste and presentation.

    Personal service to customers, whether large or small is an important part of company policy.

    Owing to the vast range of contacts made over the years during her regular visits to France, Champagne Lady has the opportunity of buying direct from the wineries at preferential prices, a wide range of wines from the wine regions of France, all based on the policy of “good value for money”.

    We also import on an indent basis a range of top quality Classified Growths from Bordeaux and are delighted to have the opportunity to set up private cellars stocked with older wines as well as ones that will age.

    As a supplier of barrels and related products to the NZ wine industry we are very familiar with quality NZ wines and are happy to assist in this area.

    Wine tastings are held on a regular basis, giving clients the opportunity to not only taste prior to purchase but most importantly to learn more about the French Appellation Controlee system.

    Champagne Lady is also available to host Wine tastings at your premises. Costs depend on wine choices and numbers and can be designed to suit your budget.

    Let Champagne Lady take the stress out of decision making! Regularly altered Mixed Cases are also an opportunity for clients to try different wines at their leisure.